What Are Moles? 

Moles are small outgrowth on the skin which can appear anywhere on the body. They are mostly seen around the neck area, armpits and even around the chest. They can be of different sizes and shapes they can be round, flat or oval depending on the area where it has appeared.  

Mostly, moles appear in your childhood itself and go away mostly after you reach your adulthood but if they remain they stay permanent. 

Causes Of Moles: 

Moles are caused in the areas when skin cells accumulate to form thick skin in that area. When the skin becomes thicker the melanin composition in that area is higher which leads to the formation of moles. They also formed due to excessive sun exposure. Some of the other causes are pregnancy, genetic or even old age. 

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How To Diagnose A Mole? 

Most of the moles appear by the age of mid thirty. The moles then become permanent or last for longer time. Sometimes moles can be misunderstood with other outgrowths such as a skin tag or a freckle. Moles are basically of two types cancerous or non-cancerous. Cancerous moles are usually the ones which are also termed as melanoma. A lot of common moles turn into cancerous ones due to infection or skin irritation. If you find any differences or changes in your mole it’s better to get it checked by a doctor as they can be infectious or cancerous. 

Moles come in different sizes and shapes, but it is observed that most of the moles are between 2-4 millimeter in size and only some mole reach 5 millimeters. Some mole also differs depending on the area where it has appeared. Moles can be hairy but it is not necessary for all moles to be hairy. These moles are initially pinkish or pale in nature but as time passes they tend to change into darker color such as brown or black which occurs due to hyperpigmentation. Moles can be round, flat or oval in appearance but sometimes moles can be irregular as well. 

What Are The Different Types Of Moles? 

Moles are usually caused due to excessive sun exposure which increases the melanin composition in the body which makes the area around the moles thicker. Other reasons which lead to the formation of moles are pregnancy, genetics, and even old age. Some of the main types of moles can be differentiated on the basis of size and color which can change depending on the time period and area where it has appeared. 

  • Cancerous Moles: These moles are also termed as melanoma and are mostly irregular, they do not have any specific shape or size. As time passes some moles turn into melanomas which is why is it important to them checked. 
  • Atypical Mole or Irregular Mole: As the name suggests these moles are irregular. These moles have irregular shapes or borders and can be flat or raised.  They can be as big as an eraser, people having a lot of irregular moles have more chances of having melanoma. 
  • Common Moles Or regular Moles: These moles are safe and do not cause any harm to the body.  They can be either flat or raised depending on the area where it has appeared. These moles might have hair grown over it but it need not be necessary. 
  • Halo Moles: Halo moles are usually bigger than the normal ones and are light colored with a ring-like structure around it which is made of skin. The skin surrounds the mole in a circle giving it a ring-like structure. 
  • Acquired Moles: These moles are usually visible on kids and they tend to occur due to the excessive exposure of the skin in the sunlight. The harmful UV rays thicken the skin around a particular area which forms a mole. These moles mostly disappear once they reach adulthood but if they don’t they remain forever. 

Laser Treatment To Get Rid Of Moles. 

A lot of people misunderstand laser surgeries to be harmful or scary but this method is totally safe and does not have any kind of effects. Local anesthesia is used over the mole and the area around it before the laser treatment is started. When anesthesia is given a lot of people experience a little pain which feels like a sting but after that, you need not worry as it does not pain at all. Usually, the area turns totally numb and you don’t feel a thing.  

It takes at least two weeks for the area to heal totally after which you are fine totally. The area where the mole was present would be little pinkish and moist but by applying some cream the area will turn normal. It will form a scab which will be black or brown which will heal the area and fall off. Do not apply anything extra out of which the doctor or the experts has recommended. It is always better to void makeup and creams on that area until it heals totally. 

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What is Laser Mole Removal Procedure and Cost - Best Seller Of The Week - skintagsremovalhelp.com

How Hard Will Laser Removal Treatment On Your Pocket? 

The cost for a mole removal surgery with laser depends on the area where the mole is present and the size of it. Usually, the complexity and the size and shape affects the price of the surgery. Smaller moles are removed usually in $100 and the bigger moles take $130 to $150 to get it removed. It also depends on the doctors or the experts, if you get it removed by any local doctor it will cost you less money but if you get it removed by a proper expert it will be costlier. 

What Are The Other Possible Methods To Remove Moles? 

Apart from laser removal treatment, there are many other methods which help in getting rid of moles some of them are: 

  • Surgical Excisions: Surgeries are one of the oldest ways in which one can remove moles from the body. It is much more time consuming than the other methods and it causes more pain than the other alternatives. When the mole is operated the doctors usually cut the whole mole and some extra area so that the mole is removed totally.  It is important is clean the area and the objects of instruments used while operating the mole is cleaned and sterilized. 
  • Shaving Excisions: It is observed that a lot of people prefer this method to get rid of their moles. Mostly, people with bigger moles use this method.  During this process, the area around the mole is first cleaned totally with an antiseptic liquid and then a sharp knife or a scalpel is used in order to get rid of the mole. Sometimes the doctors remove an extra subcutaneous layer in order to be totally sure that the mole is removed fully. In this method, if the cut is bigger the doctor stitches the area so that there is less bleeding and the area heals easily. Make sure that the wound is kept away from moisture and no dirt of sweat comes in contact with the wound. 
  • Punch Biopsy: Punch biopsy is used for smaller moles. According to the size, shape, and area in which the mole is present the moles can be treated. Thus, for smaller moles, this process is used. With the help of this device on can remove the mole totally, the wound then looks cylindrical as the device is round in shape. 

Home Remedies To Remove Moles. 

  • Turmeric:  Turmeric is one of the most useful spices around the world. It is known for its healing properties and it antifungal as well. Usually, turmeric is used when you get a wound to stop the bleeding as it helps in clotting the blood rapidly.  Make a paste of turmeric and honey and apply over the mole. Make sure that you cover the mole with an adhesive tape or a band-aid. Keep it on the mole for an hour and wash it off. Apply this paste for two weeks at least twice a day to get the best results. You will eventually see the mole falling off and the area around it will heal in two to three days. 
  • Tea Tree Oil: This oil is known for its various benefits and is used for ages to cure a lot of skin conditions. It is known for curing a lot of skin issues such as dry skin, skin tags, and even moles. Apply a few drops of oil directly to the mole or you can also use a cotton ball and apply oil over the mole. Keep the area covered with a band-aid and make sure it remains on the mole for an hour. Continue this process for two weeks to get the best results. Make sure that you clean the area nicely before applying this oil. 
  • Lime Juice: Lemon juice is famous for its medicinal properties. It is a natural bleaching agent which help in clearing blemishes. Apply lime juice on the mole and cover the area with a band-aid. Continue this process daily to get rid of moles naturally. 

Some Common Questions On Mole Removal Treatment. 

  1. Can moles be cancerous?
    Usually, moles are harmless but some benign growths can turn cancerous. Hence, it is necessary to get these moles checked at least once in two months. 
  2. Are laser treatments safe to remove moles?
    Yes, moles can be removed with the help of laser treatment and are considered to be safe and do cause any harm to the body. 

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What is Laser Mole Removal Procedure and Cost - Best Seller Of The Week - skintagsremovalhelp.com

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