Have You Noticed Skin Tags On Your Genital Area?

Having vaginal skin tags has become a very common issue today among women. It does not affect their sexual intercourse; however, it can irritate and embarrass them. If you are looking for the safest and most effective way for removing vaginal skin tags, then keep on reading this article.

What Are Skin Tags?

Skin tags are one of the most common skin related issues, the majority of people suffer from it. Not many people know what causes skin tags, however, in most cases, people get skin tags due to obesity, swelling etc.

A skin tag is like a bump which looks like a small and soft suspended balloon, its color is flesh and browner. According to the doctors, almost every person gets a skin tag at some part of life. One person can have around a hundred skin tag on their body.

People usually get skin tag on their neck, eyelid, armpits, under breasts and groin folds. Mostly obese adult and middle-aged people become prone to skin tags. Both males and females are equally prone to skin tags, babies also get a bump.

Some skin tags fell off on their own after some years, however, some skin tags stay forever and to remove them one need to undergo treatment. Doctors and physicians address skin tags as acrochordon, soft fibroma, fibroepithelial polyp, cutaneous papilloma, acrochordon. In some parts of the world, they are commonly known as skin tags.

At an initial stage, skin tags are small like the size of a pinhead, but other skin tags are 2mm to 5mm in diameter, which is one-half of the pencil eraser. However, some skin tags get as large as a big grape 1 cm in diameter or a fig 5 cm in diameter.

One can get skin tag at any part of their body, however, most people get skin tag on their neck and armpits. Eyelids and upper chest are other common areas, where people get skin tag.

People get skin tag when their skin gets rubbed against clothes or itself. Thus, babies can also get skin tags, in the area, which get rubbed against clothes. Most older children get skin tag in their armpits, due to constant friction, between skin itself and repetitive irritation.

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What Causes Vaginal Skin Tags?

Having vaginal skin tags are the same as having skin tags on any other part of the body. They look small, soft and harmless growth on the skin, sometimes it is loose and movable. Sometimes people mistake vaginal skin tags with peeling skin.

Sometimes vaginal skin tags fall off on its own, however, some people require treatment to get rid of the skin tags. If you find it irritating having vaginal skin tags, then you can get it removed with the help of doctors. But if you do not find it irritating having vaginal skin tags, then you can leave it like that.

In the medical world, skin tags are called acrochordons or soft fibromas, they rarely grew around the vagina. But they can easily develop any other part of the body, mostly on neck, face, armpits, etc. Some women often confuse vaginal skin tags with genital warts. Thus, it is very important that you go to the doctor to get it checked.

Doctors will conduct many tests to find out whether it is a vaginal skin tag or any other skin condition. Well, keep on reading this article to know, what causes vaginal skin tags and its treatments.

What Increases Risk Of Getting Vaginal Skin Tags?

According to some doctor’s people get skin tags on the vagina due to the following reasons:

Pregnancy: most women get skin tags on the vagina during pregnancy. This is because, during pregnancy, women experience hormonal change, which increases the chances of getting skin tags on the vagina. Also, during pregnancy women gain weight, which increases friction between skins.


One of the most common reasons for developing skin tags is friction between skin against skin or skin against clothes. Most people get skin tags on their neck, under the breast, below buttock folds and vagina. Thus, people should avoid wearing clothes which are tight clothes.


This std virus is famous for causing genital warts, however, there are some people and studies, which believe that HPV can lead to skin tags. In 2008 a test conducted in which doctors found out that around 37 patients out of hundred were HPV positive. Thus, people believe that there is some link between HPV and skin tags.


Most people who are overweight or obese easily get skin tags on their body including genital areas. Since their body is big, they create a lot of skin to skin friction or skin to clothes friction, which causes growth on the skin. To avoid skin tags, one should follow a balanced diet and workout daily.

Insulin resistance

According to the study which was conducted in 2010, people found out that most people have more than one skin tags are more likely to be insulin resistant. In some studies, researchers also find out that some people with high body mass index and high triglycerides level. Have multiple skin tags on their body.


Some people also get skin tags on their genital areas due to genes, if your family member has or had skin tags. Then there are high chances for you getting skin tags.

How To Remove Vaginal Skin Tags?

If you are not getting bothered by skin tags, then you can leave it untreated, but if it is bothering you then you can get the following treatments.

Ligation: In this method, the doctor will remove the skin tag by cutting it with the help of surgical thread.

Surgical removal: A lot of women go for this method, in this method, the doctor will cut or excise the skin tags, with the help of sharp scalpel or scissors.

Cryotherapy: This is the most common method for removing vaginal skin tags, the doctor will freeze the tag with liquid nitrogen. You can even try this method at home by using liquid nitrogen products.

Cauterization: This process might look scary and painful to you but it is not, the doctor will burn off the skin tag. Also, they will stop the blood supply towards the tag, with the help of the electrically charged device.

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