It is very common for a person to wake up with small red bumps on their skin, usually they are considered to be harmless and they subside in some time. In most of the cases, you need not worry as it might be a small insect bite or so but apart from that there many other reasons which can become trouble then if ignored now. These red bumps can lead to insect bites, allergic reactions or some skin infections. 

Red bumps can be of different sizes, in different regions and can have different causes. They can be differentiated on the basis of their color and the sense we get after touching these bump as in whether it is soft or hard. Some of these red bumps are also considered to be called as rashes which lead to various conditions with age. 

Small Red Dots On Skin Itchy: Reasons 

Acne: This is a condition in which your skin around the face and your shoulders start getting weird kind of bumps. Acne occurs when the oil glands of the skin and hair follicles are the excess and clear imbalance in the hormones. It is mostly seen that acne occurs during the teenage year but there are chances for adults to get these as well. 

Heat Rash: when your skin is exposed to the sun for a pretty long time the skin breaks out into red bumps or bumps with are sometimes similar to the color of your skin. Heat rashes mostly occur in the areas with more sweat glands such as on the neck, chest, back or sometimes even on the arms. These rashes are very itchy and can also break and get worse. Although heat rashes can be cured easily by using a lot of cooling agents such as drinking or consuming a lot of cold food items and using antifungal talcum or anti-rash cream. 

Pre-diabetes:  One can get such red spots on the skin when you have a possibility of having diabetes. People who are more likely to get diabetes are more at risk of infection related to the skin and rashes. It is always better to know the cause of the smallest of all the diseases may it be red bump or itching skin. 

Stress Rash: These rashes are also called as welts, they usually do not have any specified region to be present. These rashes can be present anywhere in the body. Such rashes usually occur due to allergic reactions or viral infections. 

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Small Red Dots On Skin Itchy: Precautions

Use Some Cooling Agent: One can get rid of these small bumps by having a cold water shower and then gently dry it. One can also consume cold food items such as ice-creams or popsicles.  

Do Not Fidget: It is recommended to avoid skin contact with these bumps as they could grow bigger or might burst which will leave a permanent mark on your skin. 

Use Some Anti-Itching Cream: You can use an anti-itching cream and apply it to the required area. 


Small red dots on the skin can be prevented by some of the given ways and if it is still present, it is recommended to visit a dermatologist. 

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Small Red Dots On Skin Itchy
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