Life Hacks For Removal Of Skin Tags 

Are these skin tags on your face affecting you? Are they annoying you? Well if these skin tags are irritating you then you must consider getting them removed. There are various home remedies that might help you to get rid of these skin tags. If the home remedies do not work for you then you can try the medical treatments as well. Continue reading the article given below to know more about skin tags and their removal techniques. 

What Is A Skin Tag? 

A skin tag is basically a small piece of flesh that protrude from your skin. They are considered as harmless growths with no medical complications. Skin tags are also known as acrochordons. These tags are attached to a stem or a stalk.  

They are most likely to be found in skin folds. Skin folds include areas such as the neck, armpits and the groin area. Some studies show that you are more likely to get skin tags in areas where there is friction. It can vary from a few millimeters up to 5cm wide. 

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Skin Tags Removal Methods 

Health care experts advise that you must not remove a tag unless and until they are causing any kind of problem. However, people generally opt to get it removed if a skin tag develops on their face. Given below are some of the methods that might help you to get rid of skin tags. 

Home Remedies 

  • Tea Tree Oil: Tea tree oil is used to treat various skin conditions. The antiviral and antifungal properties of skin tags might help you to remove skin tags. You just need to apply it on the infected area and repeat it until the tag falls off. 
  • Banana peel: Banana peel is also considered as an effective way that might help you to dry out the skin tag. All you need to do is cover it with a bandage overnight until the tag falls off. 
  • Garlic: It helps to reduce inflammation and thus enhance the appearance of your skin. You can apply crushed garlic on the tag and cover it with a bandage overnight. Wash the infected area in the morning and repeat the process until the tag disappears. 

Other Remedies 

  • Severing: In this process, the doctors cut off the skin tags using surgical scissors or a scalpel. Later on, you might need stitches in order to heal. 
  • Freezing: Here liquid nitrogen is sprayed on the tag. This is done in order to freeze the tissue. The skin usually heals on its own during this treatment. 
  • Burning: Burnin is a process where your doctor might burn off the tissue in order to remove the tissue. Your doctor might likely use electricity that is conducted through a wire. This helps to burn the stem and thus facilitates a cleaner healing process. 


Some of the studies show that you must not remove a tag unless and until it is causing a problem. If you opt to remove a tag then you can follow any one of the above methods mentioned above. 


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