Is CVS An Effective Skin Tag Remover?

A Skin Tag is a fleshy lump on the skin which is attached to the skin by a stalk called Peduncle. They are harmless in nature and are most common in adults. Skin tags occur in the places where there is an increase in friction of the skin. Some tags shrink on their own and some are annoying and discomforting in nature.

Skin tags occur on the eyelids, neck, armpits, under the breasts, and in the groins. They are also known as Acrochordons, Cutaneous tags, and Fibroepithelial Tags. In appearance, they are the color of the skin and some might even be darker. They are few millimeters in length and may develop and get bigger. Skin Tags may occur in many numbers or it can be a single tag.

What Causes Skin Tags:

Skin Tags are very common in adults and develop after the age of 50. They appear in people who are obese and who are overweight. Tags are also seen in diabetic people who have high sugar levels. The friction of skin against itself or wearing clothes which are too tight also develop skin tags. Pregnant women are also susceptible to skin tags as they experience an increase in hormonal activity.

When are Skin Tags Problematic?

Skin Tags are harmless and they aren’t discomforting, one can bear with them. But they can be problematic and one might consider removing them. They may affect one’s self-esteem and make one conscious of their personality. Some tags are clearly visible to the naked eye and can act as a blotch on your skin.

Some skin tags develop over time and there is an increase in their diameter. They get easily entangled with some part of the clothing or jewelry and might cause irritation or even bleeding. Do not use jewelry which may poke the site of the tag and cause inflammation.

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How Are Skin Tags Removed?

Treatment depends on the location of the skin tag. Like moles, do not treat tags at home as they might lead to bleeding. If the tag is very annoying, consult a general physician and take a proper diagnosis. Cryosurgery is the most common treatment used to remove tags. It involves freezing the area of the skin tag and later, the tag falls off. Cauterization is a process where the site is cut off and the removal takes place. 

Sometimes there is discoloration of the tag and the treatment might not be effective in some cases. Multiple sessions of the treatment must be taken to make the tag fall off. Both of these processes are extremely painful and may lead to scarring.

Another method is undergoing surgery and removing the tag. Though surgery is the warranted method for the removal, it can cause minor bleeding and take time to heal. Another treatment which can be beneficial is using Skin Tag Remover CVS.

What Is Skin Tag Remover CVS?

Concurrent Version System or CVS is a topical ointment which is used for treating skin tags. Along with many other creams and ointments CVS has proven to be a potent medication for Skin Tags. With its increasing results, more and more people are turning towards undergoing the CVS treatment to remove their tags.

When you apply CVS, its components penetrate into the skin tag and kill the cells which are infected. It decays the skin and later results in shedding of the tag as it becomes dry.

Ingredient Of Skin Tag Removal CVS:

  • Thuja Occidentalis 6X (HPUS)
  • Cedar Leaf Oil
  • Melaleuca Alternafollia Leaf Oil
  • Ricinus Communis Seed Oil

Thuja Occidentalis is an active ingredient in the ointment while the other three are inactive ingredients. The active ingredient is acidic in nature and combats the problem. It acts as a water-absorbent and soaks up all the moisture from the skin tag. This makes the tag’s survival impossible due to unfavorable conditions. The inactive elements boost the activity of the main element and help in speeding up the process of removal.

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Precautions :

  • The cream should only be used topically. It should not be taken through the mouth.
  • Due to its acidic nature, one may come across irritation after its application.
  • Do not use the ointment anywhere near the eyes or over the eyelids.
  • It is not recommended that you lather the ointment on areas where you are injured or you have developed any abrasions.
  • If your skin is extremely sensitive, try a patch test on the back of your palm and wait for any reaction. If there aren’t any side effects seen, you can use CVS.
  • Do not use CVS in an excess amount. Use only the perfect amount as prescribed on the back of the packaging.
  • Keep the cream out of reach of the children.

Is Skin Tag Removal CVS Safe To Use?

CVS is produced using natural ingredients and hence it is safe to use on the skin. It is tested multiple times to check its effectivity and to see whether it can treat skin tags. The ointment is also tested to check whether it produces any side effects like allergies or inflammation of the skin. It is produced in a controlled environment which is free from any contaminants. This makes the ointment free from any impurities and hence increases the potential of the ointment.


  • Is Skin Tag Removal CVS can be used by diabetic patients?

Yes, the ointment can be used by diabetic patients but if you have any doubts in your mind consult your doctor.

  • Can pregnant women use CVS?

Yes, it is safe for pregnant women to use CVS. But if there any reactions, stop using it and consult a general practitioner as soon as possible.

  • How long does it take for the cream to work?

It takes a week or two for the cream to work and the tag to fall off.

Skin Tag Removal CVS is a potent skin tag remover remedy which doesn’t produce any side effects and treats the tag in an effective manner. It does not lead to any scarring or bleeding of the tag, preventing it from any further infections. CVS is a beneficial product to treat and cure skin tags, studied and tested by medical practitioners.

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