Skin Tags Irritating Your Eye? 

Can you guess why skin tags are caused? They mainly occur in the groins, under the breasts, behind the neck, elbows, armpits, eyelids, etc. All these places have one thing in common. They have parts of skin layered. These layers of skin go through friction almost daily, as well as, have a little moisture. This causes skin tags in the first place. The skin tags are also called fibroma pendulum or acrochordon. They are a very common occurrence on thousands of people around the world. Skin tags are also known to be very harmless and benign. But sometimes they tend to be more annoying, especially if they occur on your eyelid. 

Skin Tags? 

These tags are mostly small in size. Ranging from 2mm to a few centimeters. They are small balls of collagen, ducts, blood vessels, fat cells and an epidermis covering it all. They usually hang off of your skin with the help of a stalk or a peduncle. The tags are commonly found on people who are either obese or above the age of sixty. Both of them have a high tendency of a tag due to the high friction of skin layers. Skin tags also tend to occur more on women, compared to men. They are not harmless but can be signs of serious health problems such as: 

  • Diabetes. 
  • Hypothyroidism. 
  • Basal cell nevus. 

You should get them checked with the doctor if they have a sudden growth or a change of color. You should also get them checked if they are, itching, have inflammations, bleeding, or very irritating. 

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Skin Tag On Eyelids

When a skin tag occurs on your neck or any other body parts, it is hardly noticeable. But when the skin tag pops on your eyelid, it is easily seen by others, making you feel conscious and uncomfortable. The eye is a very sensitive organ of the body. The skin tag will always be felt on the eyelids. Moreover, it will always be noticed while blinking, disturbing you constantly. God forbid, if it ever occurs on the periphery of the eyelid, it will obstruct your vision.  

What Can Be Done About These Skin Tags? 

Well, skin tags, in general, can be removed in many different ways, ranging from natural supplements to removal procedures. 

People try to remove them by freezing them, burning them, tying them to cut off the blood flow, or even cut them.  Then, there are people who opt for a more safer and natural way. They use different kitchen ingredients to dry them off. Ingredients such as apple cider vinegar, ginger, tree tea oil, banana peels, etc. These can be applied on the skin tag overnight, regularly to get rid of them. Except for apple cider vinegar. It has to be dabbed on the skin tag, and left only for 15-20 mins, later to be washed off. 

But trying any of these on your eyelid without accuracy could be very harmful. You could harm your eye, and also damage your vision as a side effect. For skin tags anywhere on the face, getting them removed by a doctor is the best option. You can either approach an eye doctor or a dermatologist. 

They have different methods to remove the tags carefully as well as with utmost accuracy because of their years of experience with it. There are surgeries like: 

  • Cauterizations. 
  • Surgical removal. 
  • Cryosurgery. 
  • A dermatologist could help too. 

These processes will help you get rid of the skin tags in no time, without any damage to your eye. 

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Skin Tags On Eyelids -Best Seller Of The Week -


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