Are Skin Tags Affecting Your Self Esteem? 

Skin tags harmless growths that protrude from your skin. Most of the adults who have turned 50 gets infected by skin tags. However, they do not cause any medical complications but can be bothersome on some days. To know more about skin tags and their causes continue reading the article given below. 

What Is A Skin Tag? 

Skin tags are basically a small flap of tissue that hangs off the skin. They are connected to a stalk or a stem. Skin tags are not dangerous and they are prone to people who are suffering from obesity and elderly people as well. It generally occurs in areas such as the neck, chest, back, armpits, breasts or the groin area.  

They usually do not cause any pain or any kind of medical complications but sometimes it might irritate you. Skin tags mostly fall away on their own but there are many removal techniques available as well. Sometimes people go medical removal because the skin tags are on highly visible areas such as the face. 

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Causes Of Skin Tags 

Nowadays skin tags are very common. Most people tend to get skin tags after they turn 50. People suffering from diabetes are more prone to get skin tags. Even people who are suffering from obesity often experience skin tags. 

Some of the studies show that friction between the skin is also one of the major causes of getting skin tags. People who are overweight might experience skin tags due to repetitive friction. The health care experts also recommend not wearing tight clothes if you are overweight, as it causes friction which leads to skin tags. 

Removal Methods For Skin Tags 

There are many methods that might help you to remove skin tags. Some of these methods are mentioned below: 

Home Remedies 

  • Skin Tag Removal Cream: You can apply a skin tag removal cream in order to remove these skin tags. Some of the health care experts advise you to clean the skin with an alcohol wipe before applying the cream. This ensures that it is fully absorbed. 
  • Tea Tree Oil: This oil is considered an essential oil that helps to treat various skin conditions. All you need to do is apply few drops of this oil on a cotton ball and then affix it to the tag with a bandage. 

Other Remedies 

  • Cauterization: This is a process that involves burning of the skin tags. Generally, the tags drop off after one or two treatments. 
  • Cryotherapy: Here the doctors apply liquid nitrogen on the tag. This is done to freeze the skin tag. This treatment might also take around one or two follow-ups. 


To conclude with this article we can say that there are various causes that might lead to skin tags. People who are suffering from obesity and diabetes are more likely to get skin tags. Even the middle age group of people often develop skin tags. However, there are many ways which might help you to remove skin tags as well. 

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Skin Tags Causes -Best Seller Of The Week -

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