What Are These? Skin Tags Or Warts? 

Are you not sure what is that thing that is developing on your skin? Are you confused whether it is a skin tag or a wart? Skin tags and warts are considered to be two of the most common unwanted skin growths. There are many significant differences between skin tags and warts but they also share some similarities as well. Continue reading the article given below to know more about skin tags and warts.  

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Skin Tags VS Warts 

  • Causes Of Skin Tags And Warts 

Skin tags which are also known as acrochordons are often mistaken as warts. There are various causes due to which one might get a skin tag but friction between the body parts might as well develop a skin tag. People generally tend to develop a skin tag in areas such as the neck, armpits, etc. Even hormonal imbalance and obesity might lead to skin tags. However, they are not contagious in nature. 

Warts are also known as verrucae. They are generally caused by a superficial skin infection. People tend to develop superficial skin cells if they are infected by the HPV virus. Human papillomavirus which is also known as HPV stimulates the increased cell growth that leads to warts. Unlike skin tags, warts are contagious in nature. 

  • Appearance And Texture 

Skin tags are generally small, skin-colored growths that protrude from your skin. They are connected to a thin stalk that connects them to the skin. Skin tags also have a soft texture and most of them vary between half to one inch. However, sometimes it might grow a little bigger as well.  

Warts usually appear differently for everyone. They are mostly grey or brown in color. It is based on the type of HPV and the area infected by it. Common warts generally appear as a dome shape along with a rough surface. Sometimes they also contain a tiny black spot. Warts can vary from one quarter to three eights of an inch in size.  

  • Areas Affected 

Skin tags are more likely to occur in areas that experience friction such as the armpits, neck or the groin area. You might also develop a skin tag on the eyelids. Women tend to develop it under the breasts. People suffering from obesity might experience it on the belly or back. 

However, warts can develop on any area of the skin surface. But there are certain types of warts that only occur in specific sites. Common warts generally occur on the fingers, hands, arms, and legs. While plantar warts develop on the feet and sometimes on the ankles as well. Flat warts are more likely to occur on the face.  


Some of the studies show that there is no need to get medical treatment if you develop a skin tag. But if they appear on the face then you might opt to remove them. Skin tags can be removed by using home remedies or other medical treatments as well.  

Warts usually fade away with time. But some people who wish to speed the disappearance go for treatments. Topical medicines, freezing, and electrodesiccation is some of the alternatives that can be used to get rid of warts. 

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Skin Tag VS Wart
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