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A skin tag is a small flap of skin tissues which hangs off from the surface of the skin. It is soft to touch and is fleshy in nature. There is no arousal of the skin tags when there is any movement as they are not dangerous. They are benign growths which drop off from the skin by a connecting stalk known as Peduncle.

They occur on the areas like neck, armpits, groins, chest, back, and under the breasts. If you might notice, these are the areas where the skin rubs against each other and there is friction. Skin Tags most often appear in women who are pregnant, elder people and people who are overweight.

Should Skin Tags be Removed?

Skin tags are harmless but some outgrowths may further develop to be cancerous. But most doctors recommend that, if the tag causes discomfort or irritation only then one must consider removing them. If the skin tag does not look appealing and is starting to become a cosmetic problem, get rid of it.

For the treatment of skin tags, one might take medical help or consider home remedies to get rid of them. In both ways, there is a wide range of products and procedures which will help one to dispose of the tag.

If there is a tiny growth on the body which is irritated by external factors, they cause symptoms. For example, the growth is present on your neck and is irritated by your shirt collar. Often, people get rid of their skin tags for cosmetic reasons. You must remove the skin tag without any delay if the skin tag starts bleeding or its skin tissues are dead.

Sometimes, they get caught in a piece of jewelry or clothes, so you must avoid wearing ornaments which make poke or harm the tag.

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Who Gets Skin Tags?

More than 50% of the population is seen to have skin tags at least at some point in their lives. Although skin tags do not develop at the time of birth, they appear on the surface of the skin in adulthood. They are very common when the person is in his/her middle age. One becomes more susceptible to them when one crosses the age of 60.

Small children, toddlers, and even newborns can develop skin tags on their body. In children, skin tags are seen on the armpits and in the neck region.

Skin Tags are much more frequent in pregnant women as they go through a state of increase in their hormonal activity. This may elevate the hormones in their body and hence skin tag occur in pregnant women.  Skin tags are harmless in nature but if they show any sigs of worry or are being bothersome one must remove it.

People with a high blood sugar level also tend to have skin tags. Some elevations on the skin might represent a skin tag but it can be misread. To reassure yourself, consult your medical practitioner and he will analyze the skin growth.

What Are The Usual Sites Of Skin Tags?

Skin tags occur anywhere on the body where skin tissues are present. But, the most usual areas of developing a skin tag is in the armpits and on the neck. Other common areas where skin tags occur are the upper chest(under the breasts in women), folds of the buttocks and folds of the groins.

Tags are more particularly occur in areas where is folding of skin and the skin rubs against each other. External factors like tight clothing can also lead to the occurrence of tags on the surface of the skin.

Small babies also develop skin tags if they plump or chubby. Their skin rolls and creates friction between itself. In babies, tags occur on the neck and in children, they occur on the eyelids due to rubbing. Older children or teenagers might develop a skin tag in their armpits as they are active in sports.

What Are The Right Ways To Deal With Skin Tags?

You can deal with skin tags in either of the two ways, surgically or home remedies. Both methods have their pros and cons, and you can choose the method based on your convenience and preferences. The surgical methods can be quick, but they are painful and have a tendency to leave a scar. The home remedies are safe and effective but they take time to show results, there is usually no pain involved and it does not leave a mark.

If A Skin Tag Is Removed, Will It Cause More?

There is no scientific study which shows there is an occurrence of more tags once the removal process is done. Skin tags are not contagious and they do not spread from one person to another. They do not spread after removing them and one cannot get a skin tag just by contact. In fact, some people are just prone to develop skin tags.

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Is Your Skin Tag A Skin Cancer?

Skin tags are benign tumors which fall off from the surface of the skin. Skin tags are not cancerous, but they might develop to become malignant and in this case, it should undergo treatment.

There are minute chances that the skin tag develops into a form of skin cancer. But it is better to seek medical help to get assurance. The following are the characteristics of a precancerous skin tag:

  • It develops into a bump or a lump
  • The skin tag is growing and developing
  • Growth causes unbearable irritation
  • It starts bleeding
  • The lump shows any discoloration
  • Change in the color of the tag like pink, brown, red and black

If the tag shows any changes then visit a health care clinic and get a biopsy done. Skin Tag Removal Walgreens is an effective option when it comes to disposing of the tag.

The experts will conduct a biopsy and scrape off some area of the tag to check if it is not cancerous.

They might even suggest a topical treatment for application on the surface of the skin. To treat minor bleeding and inflammation, the doctors will even suggest an ointment.

Skin Tag first needs a clean area to conduct the removal process. If the area surrounding the tag is developing into an infection, the infection must be cleared.

Genital skin tags are bothersome and discomforting. Skin tags on the face may be a reason to worry and they look displeasing. A dermatologist or a skin specialist must need to intervene if you have any occurrence of skin tags in these areas.

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