Want To Remove A Skin Tag By Yourself? 

Nowadays developing skin tags is very common. There are many people who are having low self-esteem because of skin tags. Skin tags are basically small pieces of flesh that protrude from your skin. However, they are generally harmless in nature and neither do they cause any medical complications. But they can be extremely annoying sometimes. Continue reading the article given below if you want to remove these skin tags and boost your self-esteem.  

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What Are Skin Tags? 

Skin tags are formally known as acrochordons. They are attached to a stem and tend to protrude from your skin. Usually, skin tags are found in the areas around your neck, armpits, groin etc. It is most common in people of middle age.  

However, skin tags are not painful in nature but they can be annoying sometimes. Some of the studies show that skin tags are probably the single most bump on adult skin. Generally, people tend to develop a skin tag at some point in life. 

How To Remove Skin Tags? 

There are various ways by which you can remove your skin tags. Some of these methods are listed below: 

  • Home Remedies: It’s possible to remove a skin tag by using home remedies such as tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, vitamin E oil, etc. all you need to do is apply it on the infected area. You can also get rid of skin tags just by placing banana peels over them. Place the banana peels on the skin tags unless the tag falls off. You can also apply crushed garlic over the tag overnight. Wash the affected area in the morning and keep repeating this until the skin tag disappears. 
  • Surgical Procedures: If home remedies are not working for you then you can also consult a dermatologist. Undergoing a surgery involves snipping off the skin tag at its by surgical scissors. The need for the stitches is determined on the basis of various factors such as size, location, etc. 
  • Cauterization Or Cryosurgery: Cauterization is a process where you use heat to close a small wound in order to remove the skin tag. While cryosurgery is a process which involves spraying a small amount of liquid nitrogen over the skin tag. By spraying this the growth of the skin tag freezes. 


Most of the doctors advise you not to remove the skin tags unless and until they prove to be a source of irritation or discomfort. However, if you want to remove the skin tag then you can follow any of the one methods that are mentioned above. But most importantly you need to take care of your skin after the removal of the skin tag. 

Some people tend to develop a scar on their skin after removal. But that might slowly fade with time. If you are removing the skin tag by yourself at home then make sure you apply antibiotic ointment to the affected area. As applying this lowers the risk of infection or any other complications. 

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Remove Skin Tags - Best Seller Of The Week - SkinTagsRemovalHelp.Com

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