How Much Do You Have To Pay To Get Rid Of The Moles?

Do you think it is embarrassing to have moles on the face? Having moles on the body is a very common issue today. Both men and women develop moles on their body at any age. According to some studies, the primary reason for moles is ultraviolet rays, which comes from the sun.

Usually, people ignore moles, this is because it does not cause them any pain, however, moles can lead to a certain type of cancer. If you are also developed moles on your body, then do not worry you can easily get rid of it. If you want to know how much money you require to get rid of moles, then keep on reading this article.

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What Are Moles?

Moles are many skin lesions, which appears like a black spot on the human body, they are non-cancerous. Having mole on the body is a very common issue, some people develop it in early childhood. In their adulthood people get around 10 to 40 moles, which people can get anywhere in the body.

There are some people who think that moles are related to other skin conditions such as skin tags, warts, seborrheic and keratoses. However, moles have no relation to these skin conditions, but like these conditions, it also does not cause any pain and harm.

The color of the mole can change over time and many people even get hair in their mole, which sometimes affects their appearance. This is because most people get the mole on their face, neck, nose, ears etc. Having mole on the face can lower one confidence, this is because it affects the way look.

How Many Types Of Moles Are There?

If you find having moles on the face or any other part of the body, then you can remove it using surgeries. However, having the mole on the face is not harmful, it is not cancerous and it can be removed with the help of the natural method.

The moles which are cancerous will be red, brown and pink color, their shape and border will be irregular. The cancerous mole will have a rough texture and will look bigger than any normal mole. People develop cancerous mole on their head, buttocks and breast, one person can have more than a hundred moles.

Moles which have irregular borders and coloring can turn in to precancerous. This can increase the risk of whirling mole in some type of skin cancer. These kinds of moles should be monitored daily, to see any changes in their size, color, and shape.

People who have cancerous mole should go for surgery because it is one of the most effective solutions for it. You should consult a doctor if you find your skin unusual, like growth in some areas, turning pale etc.

The doctor will take the sample of the skin tissue from the mole and examine it, to see if you can get any cancer from it. If doctors find any suspicious skin growth, then they will immediately remove it, to prevent cancer from spreading. Some people prefer to remove the mole for cosmetic reasons, for that they undergo surgery.

Before the surgery, the doctor will give you anesthesia, so that you cannot feel any pain and sensation in your skin. If the size of your mole is small, then it can be removed by cutting it out, because they won’t require any stitches. However, after the surgery, your doctor can remove the growth of moles, by using the punch biopsy procedure.

But if the size of the mole is big, then it will be removed by doing the surgery. In surgery, the doctor will also remove the skin surrounding the cancer mole.


What Is Mole Removal Cost?

There are four techniques, which can help you in getting rid of the mole, however, these methods are not cheap and they have their downside. Let’s see what are these techniques:

Surgical mole removal

This method is one of the most expensive technique, it can cost between $100 to $500 per mole. This method is completely safe but can cause scar after the surgery.

Laser mole removal

It is not a very expensive method, it only cost $50 to $80 per treatment, however, this technique is not advisable pigmented moles. Also, you will require multiple visits to the clinic in order to completely get rid of the moles, hence the cost will increase.

Electrocoagulation mole removal

This is not the most recommended technique, this is because it is very costly and not many doctors perform this surgery. You will have to pay between $130 to $360 depends on the mole size and after paying this much, you will get very few benefits.

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Mole Removal Cost - Best Seller Of The Week -

How Many Mole Removing Methods Are There?

Although most moles are harmless and do not cause any pain or cancer. However, there is some kind of moles which needs to be removed, because they increase the risk of getting cancer. These kinds of moles can be removed by using surgeries such as punch biopsy, excision surgery, shave excision and cryosurgery.

Surgeries are very effective for removing cancerous moles and to prevent the growth of the cancerous moles. There are three surgical options are available like punch biopsy, shave excision and excision surgery.

Punch biopsy

With the help of this technique, you can get rid of the small moles and also remove the cylinder part of the skin.

Excision surgery

If your skin is growing suspiciously then it can be removed with the help of surgery.

Shave excision

In this method, doctors will use local anesthesia on the part of the skin, on which mole is growing. They will shave the mole from the surface by using a sharp scalpel, don’t worry doctor will use a small scalpel.


If you go to the dermatologist, then they will use nitrogen liquid on the area of skin which is surrounded by mole. They will freeze the mole and then cut it from the surface.

Laser technique

If you are scared of getting scars on your face, then you should try laser techniques. There are many people who prefer to use the laser for getting rid of the flat moles from the body.

If you are planning to use this technique for getting rid of the mole, then you will have to visit the plastic surgeon around three times. People with a large mole does not prefer this technique, this is because it burns the above skin.


This is one of the most used mole removal technique, surgeons remove moles by burning the mole with metal wire and electric current.

Mole removal creams

You might like this technique because it is pocket-friendly, it works on all moles including flat moles and it has a homeopathic formula. One tube will cost you between $15 to $80 and it can remove at least 3 to 5 moles.


How Much Does It Cost To Get A Mole Removed Without Insurance?

Moles removal price is depending upon many factors like on location and growth of the moles. Even though mole does not cause much danger, people still prefer to get it removed. This due to aesthetic reasons, many people get moles on their face and neck.

People who develop moles in these areas feel that people are staring at their mole all the time. This makes them uncomfortable and also it causes a lot of embarrassment, also some people think it affects their appearance.

Thus, people use many methods to get rid of the mole from their face and any other visible spot. Since mole removal is easily affordable and accessible, the majority of people get it removed quickly and effectively.

However, not everyone pays the same amount to get rid of the moles, also to know the price of mole removal method. You must know which kind of moles removal method you are going to use medical or cosmetic.

Medical: If you want to get rid of the mole because of the medical reasons, then you do not have to worry. Your insurance will cover the cost of the mole removal procedure, however, the cost will of the treatment depend upon your plan.

Thus, it is important that you meet all your deductible, because if you do not then you will have to pay some amount on your own. There are also several other things which increase the price.

Cosmetics: If you want to get rid of the moles from the face due to the cosmetic reason then, price depends on factors such as the complexity of the moles. The location of the moles will also play an important part; however, it will cost you between $130 for the first mole and $60 for the rest.

Other factors

There are many other factors, which plays an important part in raising or dropping the prices of treatments. Factors such as locations of the moles, size of the moles and type of procedure. Also, the cost of the doctor’s fee, initial check-ups, and follow-up test will be included in it.

If you do not want to pay these amounts from your pocket, then you can remove the moles at home. There are many moles removal cream available in the market, which will help you in getting rid of the moles.

But for that, you must apply the cream on the moles daily for at least a few weeks or months. You can only remove the small moles with the help of this cream. There are some doctors who suggest removing moles at home, however, facial skin is very sensitive. If you do not caution, then you might get some serious reaction on the skin.

Mole Removal Cost On Different Parts Of Body

Many people pay different- different priced to get their moles removed. This is because the cost of mole removal treatment depends upon many factors such as the location and size of the moles. Some people develop moles on places like armpits, buttock, eyelids, and neck.

Most people go to the doctor to get rid of their moles from the face, this is because it is expensive and face skin is very sensitive. But removing moles from armpits are less expensive and less harmful. People pay more amount to get moles to remove from their face is because, they get follow up services, for preventing scars.

One can say that removing moles from the face is more expensive than any other part of the body. This is because cosmetic surgery requires a lot of pre-tests and check-ups. Doctors will decide which type of treatment is required based on mole size, location, and technique. Often surgeon removes moles by sutures or shaving it off.

Removing moles from the face will cost one somewhere between $150 to $ 350. If you have more moles then there are good chances for you getting a good offer. Doctors usually give discounts to some cases otherwise you have to pay as per moles.

According to the studies it is best to use the shaving method to get rid of the facial moles. Because this method will only leave a minimal scar on your skin after removing moles. But if you are thinking of removing moles from some other area of your body. Then prepare to spend around $471 for the entire procedure.

If you have multiple moles, then the cost of the procedure will increase. However, surgeons may not be able to remove all kind of moles by using the shaving process.

Ellipse excision

Moles which are not flat can be removed by ellipse excision, however ellipse excision will cost more compared to any other treatments. Ellipse excision will cost you somewhere between $500 to $1000. If you want to remove moles from the face than it will cost you somewhere $175 to $350 to shave the flat moles. It will cost you less money, however, if the size is big than the cost might rise.

Everything has both up and downside, hence removing moles from the body also has both benefits and risk. One of the most common risks involved with moles is anesthesia. In some cases, removing moles has caused infection or scarring

Once your skin is healed it will change its pigmentation and since your mole will be removed you will be stress-free and more confident. However, one must get rid of malignant moles, because it increases the risk of cancer.

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