A wart is a small growth on the body which develops anywhere on the skin and looks like a tiny cauliflower, having a rough surface. Warts are caused by the virus named Human Papilloma Virus(HPV). The structure of the wart changes according to its location.

Palmar warts affect the hands or the palm and plantar warts affect the bottom side of the foot. Warts usually occur in kids and teenagers. This is because after teenage years the body’s immune system can easily prevent the occurrence of warts. If warts are developed after adulthood they may need medical intervention.

Causes and types of warts

These warts are a sign of danger. People with a weak immune system are more suspectable to warts.  The different types of warts are common warts, palmar warts, plantar warts, pigmented warts, and flat warts. On the surrounding area of the wart, there will be a presence of small black dots.

These are tiny blood vessels, which may further lead to bleeding if they are irritated. Harmless warts disappear over time without any treatment. But if there is an increased number of warts medical treatment is available. The most common treatments are cryotherapy or freezing the area of the wart, using salicylic acid, affixing a duct tape or a bandage.

Also, undergoing surgery or laser treatment are different methods. Using topical creams or chemical ointment, cauterizing the wart, etc along with many other treatments are used to get rid of a wart. Recent studies and research has shown that using Cimetidine For Warts is beneficial and shows potential results in curing warts or verruca. It is also called by the name Tagamet.

Cimetidine is also used for treating viral warts. Some scientific evidence suggests that Cimetidine blocks the action of Histamine which is produced in the stomach. In this way, it moderates the body’s immune system by stimulating the T-lymphocyte populations. These lymphocytes are efficient in controlling the viral infections that occur on the skin.  

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Warnings Before Consuming Cimetidine: 

  • Consult your physician before starting the doses of cimetidine if you have ever suffered from, kidney disease, liver disease, stomach ulcers.
  • If you ever had HIV or AIDS.  
  • Bring it to the doctor’s attention that you smoke and you have trouble while consuming Tagamet.  
  • If symptoms like the burning of heart, indigestion of acid or a sour taste which persists for more than a week are seen. In this case, you should immediately stop taking Cimetidine and bring it to the notice of your doctor.  
  • If you are in your old age or are 65 years and above, it is better to have a discussion with your physician before taking Tagamet.  
  • In pregnant ladies, cimetidine does not harm the unborn baby. But if you are breastfeeding the baby, there is a possibility that the drug may pass on to the baby and harm it.  
  • Don’t take Cimetidine for more than two weeks unless and until your doctor instructs you to do so.  
  • Take the prescribed dosage of Cimetidine as suggested by your physician. If you stop taking the medicine soon it may cause a delay in your treatment.
  • Tagamet should not be consumed by toddlers or by kids who are below 12 years of age.  

Side Effects Of Consuming Cimetidine: 

  • The normal side effects of Cimetidine are Dizziness, Headache, Diarrhea, and Drowsiness.  
  • If you notice the following side effects, you must see your doctor immediately.

Depression, anxiety, breast enlargement, decreased sexual ability, increased or decreased heartbeat. Also pain in the muscle or weakness, hallucinations, unusual bruising or uncertain bleeding, or stomach pain which persists. If you experience swelling in certain areas of your body, or itching. All these are side effects of consuming Cimetidine.

Cimetidine Dosage:  

Cimetidine occurs as a tablet or in a liquid base which is consumed orally. The dose varies, depending on what condition do you have to diagnose and how are you reacting to the drug. It is usually taken at night during bedtime.

It can also be taken multiple times as your physician has prescribed. To prevent the burning sensation of the heart, take Tagamet 30 minutes before any meal. Do not take more or less drug as recommended by the doctor.  

Cimetidine For Warts:  

With a dosage of 30-40 mg per kg per day, it has been seen that Cimeditine has shown warranted results in the treatment of warts. As a study, a small trial in children showed that Tagamet is as effective as any other topical treatment or cryotherapy, which is very painful.

Combining Laviasole and Cimetidine has a higher rate of success. It shows speedy results as compared to using Cimetidine alone. Laviasole is another drug which is an immunomodulator and is used in the diagnosis of colon cancer. Cimetidine is the safest method for children who cannot undergo pain by trying other methods.

If you think you are overdosing on Cimetidine, consult your medical practitioner and tell him the symptoms of the same. He will change the prescription or ask you to change the drug. Sometimes, it is possible that you might miss a dose of the drug.

In cases like this, take the dose as soon as you recollect. If it is already time for the next dose, skip the dose that you have missed and follow the regular schedule. Make sure that you don’t miss the doses as they can result in decreased activity of the drug to treat the wart.  

Bottom Line:

Rather than spending an ample amount of money to treat a wart by undergoing surgeries or laser treatments, it is better to try Cimetidine for Warts. With its increased efficiency and thousands of results, the drug is safe to use.

If there are any reactions that are experienced, then it is not recommended that you continue to take Cimetidine doses. Warts are benign but sometimes they can grow and become dangerous, hence prevent them by using Cimetidine for Warts.   

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Is Cimetidine An Effective Drug For Treating Warts - Best Seller Of The Week - skintagsremovalhelp.com

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