About Skin Tags: 

Skin tags are something common to all humans. They are an extra growth of skin on your body with a color same as your skin. These tags tend to appear in areas where your skin experiences constant high friction. The tags mostly grow on the neck, underarms and between thighs and underneath the breast areas. The tags are made of loose collagen fibers and blood vessels covered with skin. The skin tags mainly grow after your midlife. They are mostly harmless and do not affect our bodies in any way. 

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Can They Be Harmful? 

The skin tags tend to be harmless most of the times. But these also are indications for thyroid or diabetes.  

In Diabetes: due to lack of insulin in your body, your skin tends to thicken in particular areas which form skin tags. 

In hypothyroidism: the skin tags are also a sign for thyroid related problems where you first get small nodules and then larger ones. 

You should get your skin tags checked by your physician if they are irritating, painful, changes suddenly or have inflammations around them. They are mostly benign, which means that they are non- cancerous. The skin tags have very slow growth, if the growth is sudden and fast you could get it checked with the doctor. 

People with the genetic disease called basal cell nevus system which exhibits basal skin cell cancer is a look-alike of skin tags. Therefore people with this genetic disease should always get the tags examined.  

The Removal Of Skin Tags: 

If the skin tags bother you, lower your self-esteem, comes under the jewelry and bleeds or has friction with the clothes, you can choose to get them removed. Removal of skin tags is considered as cosmetic surgery. Hence it should be only done with the help of the experts. 

This surgery is rarely available through NHS. The surgery is only available through NHS if the tags are affecting you physically or mentally. 

Consult to your doctor before removing the skin tags so that there are no harmful effects after removing the tags. 

  • Skin tags can be simply burnt or frozen like warts.  
  • They can also be surgically removed with the help of local anesthesia, thus, has an advantage of the skin tag being removed completely.
  • Small skin tags can be removed by tying dental floss to its narrow base, therefore, blocking the blood flow. Making it fall off. 
  • You can also cut it off with fine sterile scissors.  

Precautions To Be Taken: 

You should have a complete evaluation with your doctor to determine how many skin tags you can remove in a day or a period of time. Topical treatment can be applied to stop minor bleeding. If there is skin tag in an infected area, you should wait for the infection to completely cease and only then you could remove the skin tag. Any skin tags that occur on your face or genital areas should be removed by experts only. You could also face some adverse effects. 

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