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How To Remove Moles: What Are They?

Moles are basically the accumulation of the pigment cells called melanocytes that are usually present on the upper layer of the skin. These moles can be of different colors some have flesh color moles while some have darker colored moles (hyperpigmentation). They can appear anywhere on the skin regardless of anything. Moles do not occur in any specific age as it is seen that moles usually occur in the early ages such as before 25 at least.

A lot of people get moles and it is pretty normal if you have 10-15 moles. The clinical term used for moles in Melanocytic Nevus. These are usually skin imperfections but a lot of people term these as the beauty spot or a beauty mark. Some moles can change their color as time passes by and some change due to hormonal changes during pregnancy. Usually, it is observed that most moles are harmless and can also be not removed. While when there are changes in the size, shape, color, of these moles it is necessary to get it checked. Although you can remove your moles at home it is always safe to have an expert to get it removed.

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How To Identify A Mole?

Moles can occur anywhere over the body. Usually, the size of the mole depends on the area of its appearance. Moles are usually flesh colored but can also be dark due to hyperpigmentation. They are usually brown or black.

What Causes Moles?

Moles usually occur due to the skin getting accumulated in one area which makes the skin around it hard. These usually are formed due to the concentration of skin in one area. They can appear anywhere in the body and hence the size and their shape can vary depending on the area where it has grown.

How To Remove Moles: Types.

Moles usually occur in different shapes and sizes some of them are:

  • Common: These moles are usually found if the skin is exposed more in sunlight. Normally, these moles are 4-5 millimeters in diameter and are usually round in shape.
  • Acquired: These moles are usually seen in children and usually appear due to sun exposure.
  • Congenital: These moles usually are the birthmarks or appear in the childhood itself. They usually become permanent when you reach adulthood. These moles can also be called as congenital melanocytic nevi (CMN). CMN’s are usually oval-shaped or round in nature.
  • Halo Moles: These moles are a little raised than the normal ones and are covered with a ring of the skin. This ring is light colored, they can be removed if you want but do not cause any harm to the person as such.
  • Atypical: These moles and not of any specific shapes and can have an irregular shape as well, they can be both flat or round.

How To Get Rid Of Moles?

Here are some of the basic surgical methods to get rid of moles:

  • Electrosurgery: During this surgery, the mole is cut with the help of scissors and scalpels. After cutting the mole usually, the place is stitched in order to close the wound.
  • Freezing: Some moles can be removed with the help of liquid nitrogen. Freezing them would stop the blood flow in it. After the mole is removed there are chances of having blisters but they eventually go away after some time.
  • Laser Removal Treatment: Laser treatment is a method through which one can get rid of moles with the help of sunlight. It helps in destroying the mole with the help of light and helps in reducing pigmentation.
  • Deep Shave Removal Method: In this method, moles are removed by shaving it with the help of scalpels and blades.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Moles.

It is always better to remove the mole with the help of a doctor. It is relatively safe to get rid of moles at home although before using scissors or scalpels it is necessary to know what all is essential to remove the mole and which all remedies actually work without causing any side effects.

Some of the major home remedies are:

Hydrogen Peroxide:
Usually, Hydrogen peroxide is used to clean wounds and oxidize the wounds to get rid of moles and other skin imperfections such as skin tags and blemishes. Pour it over the moles three to four times a day.

Aloe Vera :
Aloe Vera is known for its a lot of medicinal properties, it is observed that Aloe Vera can cure moles. Hence, you can use any aloe Vera gel over directly use Aloe Vera over the mole.

Coconut Oil:
Coconut oil is known for its various uses and yes it also helps in getting rid of moles. Studies have proven that moles can be eliminated with the help of coconut oil. The size of the mole gradually reduces if this oil is applied on a regular basis.

Frankincense Oil:
It is one of the essential oil available in the market. This helps in absorbing extra moisture from the skin. It is observed that when you apply this oil daily. This oil helps in reducing the mole’s size and then helps the mole to dry off. It is recommended to always use an oil carrier before using the main oil. Some of the carrier oil is sweet almond oil or coconut oil.

When you use a perfect amount of iodine it is observed that it helps in removing the mole easily. Moles come off with the help of iodine, although it can give a burning sensation. Applying petroleum jelly will act as a cooling agent. It is recommended that iodine should not be applied over broken or bruised skin.

Garlic is one of the most used herb root used in the kitchen, it is known for its various medicinal properties. Crush some of the cloves of garlic and apply it over the mole. You will notice that in two to three weeks the mole has started disappearing with the help of enzymes present in garlic which help in dissolving the excessive cell clusters.

All these are few home remedies which you can try to your convenience at home to get rid of moles. It is more safer and affordable option to treat moles.

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How To Remove Moles - Best Seller Of The Week - skintagsremovalhelp.com

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