Keep Skin Tags At Bay 

Skin tags are a very natural phenomenon since ancient times. Formally known as Fibroma Pendulum, is a piece of skin that grows in various areas of the skin. They are basically small pieces of collagen fibers and a clump of blood vessels hanging off the skin. The skin tags cause no harm to the body, neither are signs of cancer. They are as small as 2mm in size and hang with the help of a peduncle or a stalk.  Skin tags mainly comprised of ducts, fibers, fat cells, nerve cells, covered by the epidermis.  

Some people are more prone to have skin tags compared to the rest of the population. People that are above sixty years of age, as they have wrinkly skin. Overweight people also are susceptible to skin tags as they have a lot of chub rub. Expectant mothers and diabetic patients are also liable to skin tags. 

The skin tags are mainly found in the following areas: 

  • Upper chest 
  • The groins. 
  • Eyelids. 
  • Armpits. 
  • Back of the neck. 
  • Under the breasts. 

The skin tags occur due to the high amount of friction of the skin in these areas. The skin tags also appear if your clothes or jewelry are providing high friction to the body. 

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Could the skin tags be harmful? 

The skin tags are mostly harmless and benign. But a few little points should be watched inspected carefully. 

  • If your skin tag is uncomfortable. 
  • Your skin tag is causing irritations and has inflammations. 
  • Your skin tag has a sudden change in shape or color. 
  • Your skin tag is bleeding. 

If your skin tags show any of the above signs you should get them checked with the doctor to be safe. 

Skin tags could be harmless but sometimes they can be a sign of pathological diseases that you need to be careful of. 

Diabetes: People with type 2 diabetes are very susceptible to skin tags. The skin tends to thicken in diabetic patients. This creates more friction in the skin causing more skin tags. 

Hypothyroidism: Skin tags could be a sign of hypothyroidism. At first the skin tags have a normal size, but eventually, start growing. Larger skin tags could mean hypothyroidism.  

Basal Cell Nevus: This is a genetic disease where the skin has multiple growths all over the body, in many areas. These skin tags tend to grow or create various injuries later. 

Prevention of skin tags: 

There are many ways to remove skin tags. They can be frozen, burnt, cut off, different oils are also used to dry them completely, which later fall off. People who remove skin tags tend to form them later. Although we cannot stop them from forming, there are some primary ways to prevent them. 

You should adapt to a healthier lifestyle, that will reduce any chubbiness in the body. This reduces the chances of friction in the body. Also, reduce the risk of diabetes.  

Try to avoid tight clothing, and start using clean and breathable clothing. This will reduce the friction between the clothes and the skin. Hence reducing the chances of skin tags. You can also use powders to reduce friction in your skin. 

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