What Is Skin Tag?

Skin tags are growth on the skin which is painless. They are connected with an outgrowth connected to the skin by a thin small stalk called a Peduncle. Skin tags can be identified by its peduncle. It is not as same as the moles or some other skin growths, they fall off the skin by a small stalk.

Skin can be as tiny as 2 millimeters in size.it can be irregular or smooth and tend to appear in places where there is high friction between the folds of the skin with clothing or the other skin.it is usually flesh colored. These skin tags are usually seen in the people who are middle-aged.

These are not painful provided daily movement can produce friction out of them which may cause irritation.

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How To Identify A Skin Tag?

The very first way through which you can identify is the outgrowth which we called as a peduncle.they have this small stalk which makes them different from moles and other skin growth. These can be as small as 2 millimeters in size and also differs as large as several centimeters. They can be of flesh color and they are smooth when touched. It is a soft and round outgrowth which can be irregular or asymmetrical in shape.

Some skin tags can also be of a darker color which happens due to hyperpigmentation. These are painless unless they are caught up in continuous friction which may lead to irritation. It can also turn black if there is no blood flow in these skin tags.

What Causes A Skin Tag?

It is not proven but it is assumed since these skin tags appear only near the places of fold it could be caused due to friction. Skin tags are also seen in people suffering through type 2 diabetes and it is also common for pregnant women. Thankfully these tags are not contagious.

Factor That Causes Skin Tags

  • Obesity
  • Have type 2 diabetes.
  • Pregnancy
  • Genetic

Ways To Remove Skin Tag:

  • Surgeries: Eliminating the skin tag with the help of scissors or scalpel. It may require stitches to heal.
  • Cryotherapy: Using liquid nitrogen by freezing them. It freezes the tissue and then heals on its own.
  • Tying the thread in order to cut off its blood flow.
  • Burning the skin tag with high frequency through a wire. the heat helps to burn off the stem of the growth.
  • One of the basic ways to remove a skin tag is a thread use it to pull the skin tag off,
  • A string or dental floss can also be used to cut the skin tag. Make sure you have a person with you to help, always make sure that the string in clean to prevent infection.
  • You also get skin tag removal cream which helps to cut the outgrowth from home itself, you can use the kit provided with the instructions. Make it a point clean that part of the skin with alcohol before applying the cream.
  • Tea tree oil can be applied to the desired place with a cotton ball, this remedy should be used with caution as tea tree oil can cause irritation.
  • Some other methods of removing skin tags are iodine, apple cider vinegar etc.

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