Get Your Confidence Back By Getting Rid Of Those Skin Tags

Have you noticed, little balls of skin on your body? Those are called skin tags. Well, first of all, do not worry. They are very normal and common. If in case you feel abnormal and uneasy because of them, you can also get rid of them. Let’s take a quick look into what is a skin tag and how to get rid of it. 

What Is A Skin Tag?

Skin tags are small balls of mass with a diameter of about 2mm. They are the color of your natural skin. They hang by your skin with the help of a peduncle. Although some can grow to be a few centimeters, it can be very rare. They are soft when touched, and smooth with a round shape, they could even be wrinkly. They can be darker colored, due to hyperpigmentation. Some skin tags can also be of the size of a grain. They could get twisted at the time, and have a black-blue color, due to the lack of blood. 

What Causes Skin Tags?

Skin tags can be very harmless and benign (non- cancerous). They are made of loose collagen fibers and blood vessels. Tags can occur on any gender type. Skin tags more commonly grow on people who have skin folds, or areas where the skin experiences a lot of friction. That is why it is very commonly seen in old and obese people. 

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Are The Skin Tags Harmful?

Skin tags are mostly harmless and do not need any treatment. But for a few people, they can be indications of some clinical problems. 

Diabetic patients: People with type 2 diabetes are commonly known to have skin tags. Since there is a lack of insulin in diabetic patients, the skin thickens. This causes friction on the skin, therefore, forming skin tags. 

Hypo-Thyroid Patients: Skin tags are a sign of hypothyroidism. At first, the skin tags are small, but later the grow into a bigger size, that gives you signs of hypothyroidism.  

People who have a genetic skin disease called Basal Cell Nevus can have skin growth that may look like skin tags. These skin growths represent basal skin tags. 

If your skin tags are uncomfortable, you should get them checked with your doctor. If they change color, change size, have inflammation, or change color suddenly you should get them checked with your physician. As well as if they are painful and irritating. The skin tags normally have slow growth, but if they grow suddenly they might be a sign for a pathological problem. 

If You Want To Remove Them: 

If the skin tags are normal, it is normally suggested to not to remove them. Neither do most of them require any treatment. But if you feel like they are bothering you, lowering your self-esteem, or bleeds or gets under your jewelry and causes irritation, you could consider getting them removed. 

There are many ways that you can get them removed medically such as: 

Cauterization: In this process, the skin tag is burned or freezer to remove the tissue or stop the bleeding.  

Surgical removal: Removal of the skin tags with the help of surgery. 

Cryosurgery: This type of surgery uses freezing cold temperatures to solidify and then destroy the diseased tissue. 

Dermatologists: You can also take the help of a dermatologist to get the skin tag removed. He might cut the skin tag with the help of anesthesia or even block its blood flow so that it falls off by its own. 

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How To Get Rid Of A Skin Tag -Best Seller Of The Week -

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