The Oldest And Most Effective Method For Removing Moles

Having moles on the body may not sound a very big deal to most people, however, it can be very harmful. You must be wondering what danger you can get from these small little bumps on your skin. Well, the majority of people do not know that moles can be cancerous and can lead to life-threatening danger.

However, most people prefer to get rid of moles due to cosmetic reasons. This is because people can get moles at any part of the body, like face, neck, nose, ears etc. People who have moles on these parts of the body feel that people are constantly staring on it.

This makes a lot of people conscious and uncomfortable, sometimes it also lowers their confidence. Thus, people use many methods to get rid of moles. Nowadays, there are many methods available, which can help you in getting rid of the moles safely and effectively.

Some of these methods are expensive and causes some side effects like scars, irritation, inflammation etc. But if you do not prefer to use the medical method to get rid of the moles, then there are some natural methods too.

There are some home remedies, which can help you in getting rid of the moles quickly and effectively. These home remedies are effective, affordable and safe, you can try it alone at home. If you notice any pain and harm caused by moles, then you can use these methods.

There are many ways which can help you in preventing moles on the body. You can prevent moles from growing on the body with the help of garlic. Garlic can also help you in getting rid of moles quickly, effectively and easily. If you want to know how garlic can help you, then keep on reading this article.

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What Causes Moles?

Moles occur on the body when the cells called melanocytes grow in the skin cluster, it causes pigment on the skin. This even changes the natural color of the skin, the color of the mole changes, when it occurs under the sun.

Moles can also occur due to genetics if any of your family members have the moles, then there is a high risk for you getting moles. Some women get moles on their body, during pregnancy, this is because of hormonal change.

Types Of Moles

If you find having moles on the face or any other part of the body, then you can remove it using surgeries. However, having the mole on the face is not harmful, it is not cancerous and it can be removed with the help of the natural method.

Moles which have irregular borders and coloring can turn in to precancerous. This can increase the risk of whirling mole in some type of skin cancer. These kinds of moles should be monitored daily, to see any changes in their size, color, and shape.

People who have cancerous mole should go for surgery because it is one of the most effective solutions for it. You should consult a doctor if you find your skin unusual, like growth in some areas, turning pale etc.

The doctor will take the sample of the skin tissue from the mole and examine it, to see if you can get any cancer from it. If doctors find any suspicious skin growth, then they will immediately remove it, to prevent cancer from spreading. Some people prefer to remove the mole for cosmetic reasons, for that they undergo surgery.

Before the surgery, the doctor will give you anesthesia, so that you cannot feel any pain and sensation in your skin. If the size of your mole is small, then it can be removed by cutting it out, because they won’t require any stitches. However, after the surgery, your doctor can remove the growth of moles, by using the punch biopsy procedure.

Garlic To Remove Moles

Many people use garlic to get rid of the moles, they believe that garlic can help in diminish or disappearing the mole. People believe so because garlic has enzymes, which may be able to fight with the cell clusters, which causes mole. However, while using this method, you have to be careful, because garlic can cause skin burns.

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Medical Methods For Getting Rid Of The Moles?

In modern-day removing moles from the body is not very difficult, there are numerous techniques available in the market. Although these methods are effective and time-consuming, people still prefer to go for them.

This is because many people get moles on their face, neck, ears, and arms, which are visible and thus, affect their appearance. But these methods will help you in getting rid of the moles from any part of your body, these methods are:

  • Cryosurgery: If you go to the dermatologist, then they will use nitrogen liquid on the area of skin which is surrounded by mole. They will freeze the mole and then cut it from the surface.
  • Electrocoagulation: This is one of the most used mole removal technique, surgeons remove moles by burning the mole with metal wire and electric current.
  • Punch biopsy: With the help of this technique you can get rid of the small moles and also remove the cylinder part of the skin.
  • Shave excision: In this method, doctors will use local anesthesia on the part of the skin, on which mole is growing. They will shave the mole from the surface by using a sharp scalpel, don’t worry doctor will use a small scalpel.
  • Excision surgery: If your skin is growing suspiciously then it can be removed with the help of surgery.

Before you decide to go for these methods, you must know that they are very expensive and required to much time.

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Natural Methods For Removing Moles

If you do not have enough money and do not want to waste your time in medical methods. Then there are some natural methods, which one can try at home, these methods are:

  • Apple cider vinegar is very effective for getting rid of moles, you can easily try this method at home. All you need to do is add a few drops of vinegar on the cotton and apply it on the top of the mole. Leave the cotton over mole for at least 5 to 6 hours. Since vinegar contains acidity it will dry the moles and it will feel off.
  • Make a mixture with a baking soda and castor oil, take half teaspoon of baking soda and 2 to3 drops of castor oil. Make the paste of it and apply it to the mole, with the help of this technique, you can easily get rid of moles.
  • Try to make a paste of garlic clove and apply it on the top of mole, leave the paste on the mole for the whole night. For the desired result from this method, do this at least two times per day.
  • Use iodine, apply few drops on the mole directly at least two times a day for at least a week, for removing the mole.
  • Try using lemon juice, dip cotton in lemon juice and apply it on the mole, leave the cotton on the mole for at least 20 minutes. If you want to get rid of the mole, then apply lemon juice at least two times a day. Lemon juice will make mole lighter and it will eventually fall off.

Home Remedies For Removing Moles

you can get rid of the moles from your body at home by using home remedies. they are very effective for getting rid of moles, without causing any side effects. below you can see some home remedies, which can help you in getting rid of moles.

Frankincense oil

Frankincense oil has properties, which will help your skin in absorbing oil and keep your skin dry. Some people apply this oil daily on their moles, this is because they believe, the oil reacts with moles. It makes your moles and skin around your moles dry, which makes it easy to come off after drying.

Oregano oil

Before using this method, you have to be very careful and dilute oregano oil with a carrier oil such as castor oil. This is because oregano oil can be very harsh on the skin and can harm your skin. But if you want to get the significant result from it, then you must apply this mixture for few times a day for several weeks. With the help of this combination, your mole might come off after a few weeks.


You might get rid of the mole with the help of a little bit iodine, it is known that little bit of iodine may diminish the mole. But while using iodine you have to be a little careful, because it can burn your skin. Apply petroleum jelly around the mole to protect the surrounding skin, you have to be very careful while using iodine, because it is toxic. Avoid applying iodine on the broken skin, because it can burn your skin.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil has been researched for a very long time, it has many amazing benefits. However, it may also help one in getting rid of the moles, this is due to its amazing properties. Thus, many people believe that applying tea tree oil, several times per day, will make moles disappear. But more studies are required to confirm or deny this. Be careful while using a tea tree oil, because its toxic and can be harmful.

Castor Oil Baking Soda Mix

This is one of the most used methods for getting rid of the mole, people mix castor oil with baking soda. It creates an ointment, which is believed to be effective for removing moles, however, one has to apply this mixture for few weeks.

People think that this method is effective because baking soda has the potential for drying the mole. Castor oil is known for protecting skin from any kind of reaction or harm.

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide contains properties, which are very effective for getting rid of moles from the skin. However, if one wants to get rid of the skin tags, using this method, then one has to apply it three to four times a day. Consult the doctor before using hydrogen peroxide, they will tell you to use peroxide, which is suitable for you.

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