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Have you experienced irksome skin growth, that shows up at any time and anywhere on the body? We all have. We also know that they are called skin tags. Skin tags are a small ball of skin and flesh on your body. They are usually very harmless and benign. If you start to feel uncomfortable because of them, you can also get rid of them. But not in a way that costs you a lot or requires doctors and surgeries. There are particular oils that are made naturally and do not harm the normal functioning of your organs.  

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Let get to know them better:  

Skin tags are normal balls of collagen and blood vessels. They have the same color as your skin. They are hung to your skin with the help of a small stalk. Skin tags are the size of around 2mm, some can also be the size of a grain. In very rare cases, they will grow to be a few centimeters large, which is when you should get them checked with your physician. You should also get them checked if they change their coloration suddenly. Normally they can also be of a darker color, due to hyperpigmentation. They are very soft when touched and have a smooth round shape.  

These skin tags are caused because of friction on the skin. Which is why they are commonly seen in places where two parts of the skin meet. They are found in: 

  • Armpits 
  • Elbows  
  • Groins 
  • Eyelids 
  • Back of the neck 
  • Under the breasts. 

It also happens if there is any friction between your skin and your clothes or your jewelry. Skin tags are most commonly seen in people who suffer from obesity, people who are above the age of 60 and have many wrinkles, etc. 

Skin tags can also be a Pathological Sign For: 

  • Diabetic patients. 
  • Hypothyroid patients. 
  • And also people who have a genetic disease called Basal Cell Nevus. 
  • Get Rid OF them: 
  • Many people try to get rid of them using harmful methods, such as:  
  • freezing them,  
  • burning them,  
  • cutting them with floss.  
  • tying them to block their blood flow. 
  • People also have surgeries to get normal skin tags removed which is not suggested. 

Why go through all the pain when you can reduce them with organic oils, without any damages or side effects. These essential oils will work wonders if applied regularly. Only a few drops of these oils will help you reduce the skin tags in just a few weeks. 

What are essential oils?

These oils come from the extracts of different plants and have various properties with which they will help you remove the skin tags. They are mostly extracted from, barks, leaves, flowers, roots, and fruits of these plants. 

Frankincense Essential oil: Frankincense oil is extracted from the bark of the frankincense resin tree. This oil will help you to dry the skin tags, which makes it fall off in lesser time. 

Lavender Oil: This oil will help you relieve irritation and inflammation caused because of the skin tag. It will also help remove the skin tag if applied regularly. It makes the skin tag dry off and fall. 

Lemon essential oil: The potent astringent in this oil helps to remove any water and oils in the skin. Which makes it dry. This oil is photosensitive, so try not to apply this Oil while the sun is still up. 

Rosemary essential oil: It has anti-bacterial and antiseptic that fight the microbes that cause irritation on the skin tag. This oil too will dry the skin tag, so that it falls off. 

Sweet basil essential oil: Like rosemary and basil oils, this oil to has medicinal properties that protect us from irritation and makes it fall off by drying it.  

Tree tea essential oil: This oil also has potent astringent, and anti-bacterial properties to get rid of the skin tags 

Oregano essential oil: Oregano oil will get rid of then skin tag faster than the rest, but it is very concentrated. Make sure that you use it with caution. Use only one drop per tag. 

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Essential Oil For Skin Tags -Best Seller Of The Week -

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