A lot of people suffering from this minor issue related to the skin might have general concerns related to it. We have answered some of the most common and frequent questions related to skin tags to clear your doubts. We have tried to cover up most of the repeated questions you will get to hear from a person who has skin tags.

  • Are skin tags risky?

    No, skin tags are a very common condition in people all over the world and it is nothing to be concerned about as long as it is not affecting your self-esteem or causing you inconvenience.

  • Are skin tags contagious?

    No, skin tags are not contagious and they cannot transfer from a person to another person due to physical touch.

  • Are skin tags curable?

    Yes, skin tags are 100% curable and there are many different methods to get rid of skin tags which vary from chemical, natural to even at home solutions.

  • What is the easiest method to cure skin tag?

    There are multiple ways to help you get rid of skin tags. Some of the methods are home remedies while some are ointments and clinical methods. The ease of a remedy completely depends on you as per your personal convenience and other factors such as duration of the treatment, budget and your availability.

  • What are the most common “At home” solutions for skin tags?

    There are various methods of getting rid of skin tags at home. Most of them are even listed on the internet on various websites. Some of the most common home remedies for skin tags are:

      • Floss method
      • Tea Tree oil
      • Apple cider vinegar
      • Cutting the skin tag with a pair of scissors or scalpel
      • Oregano oil application
      • Iodine application 
      • Regular garlic application
      • Coconut oil 
      • Dandelion Juice application 
  • Are the above home remedies methods painful?

    The degree of pain involved in every method differs. Most of them are not painful in nature, however, dental floss method or cutting the skin tag with a scalpel or a pair of scissors may sound immensely uncomfortable and inconvenient to most of us.

  • What are some other methods to remove skin tags?

    If you do not like the idea of at-home skin tag removal then there are a lot more other methods that you may opt for. Many products such as ointments and herbal skin tag removal creams are available in the market.

  • Are clinical methods budget friendly?

    It depends on how many and where you are getting your skin tags removed. Prices vary from place to place.

  • Are skin tags cancerous?

    There have been very rare cases where a skin tag has turned cancerous. Always get it confirmed by a doctor to avoid further complications.

  • Are skin tags recurring?

    There is no guarantee as such that a skin tag won’t re-appear after treatment. It may occur again anywhere or even the same place as before on the body.