Vinegar For Tags?

Apple cider vinegar is one of the most common items found in the kitchens of so many houses. Apple cider has benefits ranging from cleaning a wound to using it for baking cupcakes. It has been a natural remedy for centuries. It is used against the infections, for cleaning wounds, sterilizing instruments, etc. Apple cider vinegar is also known for treating colds and boosting the weight loss process. Little did we know that it could be used for removing skin tags.

Let’s get to know skin tags:

Skin tags are small balls of collagen fibers and blood vessels that are covered with skin cells. They hand from the skin with the help of small stalks, also known as peduncles. These tags are approximate of 2mm diameter. They can sometimes differ in size. They have a natural skin color which could also differ due to hyper coloration or loss of blood supply. These skin tags are mostly harmless and benign, that is they are non- cancerous. If they change size or color suddenly then you must get it checked with your physician.

The skin tags are mostly caused due to the friction and rubbing between the skin. It is even sometimes caused due to the friction between the fabric or the jewelry and the skin. This is why skin tags are mostly seen in people of and above age sixty. The skin tags mostly occur in places like:

  • Armpits.
  • Groins
  • Elbows.
  • Behind the neck.
  • Under the breasts.
  • On the eyelids.
  • As well as behind the ears

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Skin Tags can also be pathological signs for many diseases:

  • Diabetic patient.
  • Hypothyroid patient.
  • As well as people who suffer from Basal Cell Nevus.

People try many different methods to get rid of these skin tags. You should get the skin tag removed if you feel anxious about it. It should be also removed if it is irritating or bleeding from time to time because of overlaying of jewelry or clothes. People try to use various hacks to remove them such as:

  • The tags are frozen and solidified, after which they fall off.
  • The tags are also burnt, which could be harmful to the surrounding skin. And could also leave scars.
  • Many try to cut them off using sharp instruments. One should not use this method, it could be very harmful, and it could also be infectious.
  • Floss is used to stopping their blood flow, which makes them fall off after some time.

These methods might as well be avoided since there are better ways to get rid of a skin tag.

Apple cider vinegar is now commonly being used for removal of skin tags. The vinegar is used to dry out the skin tag completely. Apple cider vinegar has acidic properties which also extract all the nutrients off the skin tag, hence killing the skin cells. The skin tag will naturally fall off in two to three weeks if the vinegar is applied regularly. make sure you do not use excess vinegar, or else the skin surrounding the tag might get harmed.

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