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In the modern world, where first impressions decide the fate of your personal and professional advancements in life, everybody wants a face and skin that will stun those around them. A small obstacle like a skin tag can make you feel conscious and insecure about your own self.

It is everyone’s wish to look and feel the best of all the people around them. Due to the high beauty standards, it is very much important to keep yourself updated with you personally and your Intelligence. Looking perfect has become one of the basic needs of this society.

You don’t need even a small thing to come between you and your goal to look perfect. Skin tags are one of those things which even though are very tiny can make you feel anxious. One feels anxious when there is something hindering in their mind which needs to be mended as soon as possible. People feel conscious because these skin tags are they look very ugly and every person around you can notice. It is always better to get away from these deformities so as to live a pretty confident and carefree life. Skin tags are harmless deformities caused due to the continuous friction between skin onto the skin. Although there has not been any specific reason why skin tags occur it is believed that these tags are usually found near the neck and the armpit region.

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What Is A Skin Tag?

Skin tags are nothing but, a harmless benign outgrowth of the skin. They are also called as Acrochordons which is a small flesh that sticks out of the skin. These tags are attached

To a small stalk kind of thing which is called a peduncle. They are predominantly made out of loose collagen fibers and even with blood vessels. Usually, skin tags small, soft fleshy colored that hangs off the skin.

These tags are usually found in the area where there are folds, such as the neck area, armpits, around the groin area and even under the breasts. They are also present in the areas where there is a lot of rubbing against the skin. It is a rare possibility but these tags are also found on the eyelid and under the buttock fold. These tags are not usually painful unless there is any kind of friction produced from any outside force. Daily movement of this can cause friction on the skin which will lead to irritation. Most skin tags vary in length up to 2-5mm in diameter, although it may even reach up to 5 cm in some cases.

Why Skin Tags Occur?

Skin tags are harmless tags which do not cause any pain or discomfort until an external force is applied to it. Moreover, these tags are made of loose collagen fibers and blood vessels around your skin. Collagen is a type of protein found in the skin it provides your skin with a specific structure and helps in strengthening your bones. Although there is no specific cause for the production of skin tags some factors might help you to know more about them. Such as pregnancy, the friction of skin to the skin, family history etc.

People with obesity, diabetes, and people above the age of 60 are most likely to develop a skin tag. Pregnancy can be one of the major cause of skin tags due to the hormonal changes which occur in a person body while pregnant. For diabetic patients, a skin tag is mostly related to hyperinsulinemia. This is a condition where there is more value of insulin in the blood than usual.

Symptoms Of Getting A Skin Tag?

Skin tags appear as an outgrowth, it looks like a small bump coming out of the skin. It has a stalking kind of a thing which is called peduncle. After some time when it grows a little bit, it urns into a fleshy colored. I will look like a blister with which get wider as far it gets from the skin. It is painless and harmless. Although it can harm a little if a lot of friction occurs between the tag and the skin and cause slight irritation as well.

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Is Skin Tag Contagious?

There is no way through which these tags can pass from human bring to another. It is a common misconception that by touching these tags one will get it, but it does not work that way. It is very likely for people to confuse skin tags with warts. Skin tags totally different from warts, as warts are usually caused by a virus called as HPV. Which indeed is a highly contagious virus.

Differences Between A Skin Tag And A Wart?

Many people misunderstand a Skin tag to be a wart or vice versa so here is an exemplified version about how a skin tag is different from a wart?.

Basically, a skin tag is a soft outgrowth usually painless. It has a fleshy color and does not have any harm over the body. It is located mainly in the areas where you can develop folds such as on the neck, groin area, under the buttock fold, over the eyelids etc.normally, skin tags are produced due to the friction or rubbing of skin with the skin but, they are completely harmless and do not have any hazardous effects on the body.

Whereas a wart looks very similar to a skin tag but is totally different from it. They lie deep inside the skin and when touched it is harder than a skin tag. They look smooth from the top but are very scaly. Warts a formed because of a virus. this virus is called as the HPV virus. Unlike skin tags, these warts are contagious and spread with touch. Which means when a person having warts comes in human contact with another person, it is possible for the latter to get warts. The treatment for this disease is pretty much painful., some of the ways warts can be treated are freezing and burning those cells which contain this Virus.

Do Skin Tags Have The Risk Of Being Cancerous?

Skin tags are basically an outgrowth which is painless. They develop due to constant rubbing and friction of sin onto the skin. Hence skin tags are harmless in nature. They are not cancerous and does not even have any risk of being cancerous. Sometimes skin tags are misunderstood to be wart because of their similarities in color and shape but these are very different from each other.

Their size can vary but if there is any irritation felt over a skin tag it is always better to get it checked by a dermatologist. Although these skin tags are harmless and do not cause any issue it is always good to be on a safer side. In order to be safe if your skin tags tend to change its color or size or start to get itchy, it is recommended to consult a doctor. Skin tags are painless and do not cause any trouble which is why most of the people do not bother to treat them. Although there are many in which one can get rid of a skin tag. Many health experts and doctors recommend getting your skin checked at least once a month and for safety.

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Is Skin Tag Removal Help Safe?

Although these skin tags do not cause any harm to your body it is better to get them removed as they might make you feel conscious. The process of skin tag removal help is safe if it is done by a professional. It can be relatively safe if you attempt it at home. It is necessary to make sure that when you remove these skin tags at home clean use all the instruments thoroughly. Make sure that the area is cleaned properly so as to prevent oneself from any kind of infection.

Do Skin Tags Grow Back?

A lot of people have this misconception that after removing one skin tag it will lead to the formation of more skin tags which is not true as skin tags are not related or contagious. Skin tags can grow back but not because you removed another, it can come back because of the continuous rubbing of the skin. If at all after removing one skin tag you get another one it does not mean that this skin tag was related to the previous one.

Surgical Ways To Remove Skin Tags:

  • Cryotherapy: In layman’s language this method is also called “cold therapy”. This is a treatment which includes the use of freezing or using lesser temperatures. It is a method in which a person’s body is exposed to extremely low temperatures for a few minutes. Usually, cryotherapy takes place with the use of liquid nitrogen or argon gas to destroy any extra tissue. Hence this process helps in freezing the skin tags which will eventually turn it numb. After it turns numb, the blood circulation in the area stops. Then it eventually dries off and falls in the form of dead tissue. The affected area heals in 4-5 days with no scars or marks left. After the surgery is completed there are chances for the formation of blister if so it will break in some time. Use a clean cloth to dry that spot.
  • Ligation: You can use a thread well to get rid of these skin tags. Firstly clean that region with some antiseptic or alcohol, cut a piece of the thread or floss and do clean it with alcohol before using. Loop the thread around the tag and pull it closer as much as it is possible. Due to the force exerted around the tag the blood supply is restricted which leads into its withering. After some days the tag will fall off, apply any antiseptic liquid to clean that area. Use some ointment so that it gets healed completely, you can use a bandage as well to cover it.
  • Tag removal cream: Apply these creams directly on the tag after cleaning it once. It will take a maximum of four weeks for the tag to fall off. A lot of tag removal creams are available in the market lately.
  • Cauterization or electrosurgery: Often people use this method to get rid of tags. This method involves the burning of the skin at a very high temperature. A wire is used mostly to remove the tag. It takes a day or two totally heal that area.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Skin Tags.

Following are some of the ways in which you can remove your skin tags with the help of natural ingredients available in the kitchen.

  1. Iodine: It is considered that iodine can help one to get rid of a skin tag. Use some coconut oil or vaseline across and onto the tag. Dip a cotton ball or a q-tip in iodine and pat it across the tag and cover it with a bandage till the iodine is dried up. Repeat it regularly till the tag falls off.
  2. Tea Tree Oil: this oil is considered to have many medicinal properties and known for treating many different types of skin diseases. Apply 2-3 drops of this oil on a cotton ball and keep it on the tag covered with a bandage. Follow this procedure at least twice a day to get the best results. It is not recommended to use tea tree oil if the tag is located near the eye or even on the eyelids. Repeat this procedure daily to get the best results.
  3. Oregano Oil: This oil contains anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antiseptic properties and is well known for its medicinal use. It helps in getting rid of the skin tag easily in a month. Use 2-3 drops of coconut oil and 3 drops of oregano oil together and apply it on the tag. Repeat it twice a day and do not forget to use this with a substitute oil. It is not recommended to use this oil near the eye area.
  4. Garlic: Garlic is the most easily accessible medicinal compound in the market. It is known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Crush 2-3 cloves of garlic and apply it directly or in a thin cloth onto the tag and cover it overnight. The next morning rinse the area with water. Continue this procedure until the tag falls off.

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Reviews Given On Skin Tag Removal Help By Commoners.

Mark Royster:

I have used some home remedies to get rid of my skin tags and they have been helpful to me. The ingredient that I used was Garlic, I crushed two cloves of garlic and used a light cloth and kept on my tag. It took three weeks for the tag to totally vanish. No marks or scars are left behind which is why I liked this remedy a lot. I had the tag on my neck which made me feel very anxious but that it is gone I feel a lot better.

Sebastian Nicholls:

I have in total five skin tags on my body of which the one which caught people’s attention was the one on my eyelid was very ugly. I felt very conscious of that when people pointed it towards me. I wanted to reach to the doctor but was scared to get it removed by cutting which is why I decided to use this skin tag removal cream. I used to apply this cream twice in a day, once in the morning and one before sleep. All I had to do was to keep the tag covered with something so that it cream does not go off. In a week I started seeing results and in two weeks my skin tags were totally gone.

Bianca Cleggett:

It makes me very anxious when there are any deformities of myself, which is why looking at my skin tag present on my neck always irritated me. I had a medium sized skin tag on my neck. It was very ugly to watch it as it was visible to anyone who approached me. I used this home remedy in order to get rid of it which in fact turned out to be successful. I used iodine on the required area twice a day and used as a cotton ball to cover it. It took me four weeks to see the tag fall off. One of the best things to be taken into consideration is to make sure you do not call for any kind of infection. Continuous cleaning should be done with some alcohol or antiseptic so at not get infected.

Samantha James:

I had a skin tag on my eyelid which was very disturbing for me as it totally took all of the attention. People often asked me about it and advised me for the remedies. It felt insecure about my whole appearance and wanted to get rid of it. I tried using some home remedies but only one came to my rescue that is the tea tree oil. I applied this oil every night before sleeping and kept in covered. it took three weeks for the tags to fall off. Now I feel pretty much confident than before.

Reviews By Experts On Skin Tag Removal:

According to the experts, Skin tags are basically an outgrowth which is developed due to the continuous friction caused by rubbing of the skin on the skin. It usually is in the areas with a lot of folds such as near the neck portion, around the groin, armpits and sometimes even on the eyelids. They are not harmful in any way and do not cause any pain.

The best way to get rids of these tags are to is to get it operated as it will be the safest through which you can remove it. It is usually misunderstood that surgeries can be very expensive and hence avoid it for a long time but surgeries for skin tags are cost-effect and do not have much risk in it.  Cauterization is one of the best ways to get rid of these skin tags as it does not leave any scar or a mark behind it. Cryotherapy can also be used in order to remove skin tags as it helps in removing it by freezing the tags until the blood flow stops and the tag goes numb.

Also, there are some of the home remedies which help in getting rid of skin tags such as using iodine, tea tree oil which can be used and with time you will see their results.

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  • Does cryotherapy cause any side effects?
    Basically, cryotherapy is a method the skin is frozen first with the help of liquid nitrogen. This procedure is done in order to restrict the blood flow. It numbs the whole area which helps in reducing pain but due to freezing it in extremely low temperature can cause some impact on the tissue around it. If the skin is exposed to these freezing temperatures for too long then it can lead to frostbite which can damage your skin. Hence it is always recommended to use cryotherapy method in sessions and each session should not exceed more than five minutes.
  • Do skin tag grow over time?
    No, Skin tags can vary in size from 2-5 cm. They do not actually grow but they can just increase a little in size. They remain of the same size. In some rare cases, skin tags might grow slowly on time. When the skin tags are larger the doctor numbs that area before starting with the procedures. Even if the tag grows a little it does not cause any pain.
  • Is it fine if I want to remove my skin tags at home?
    It is always recommended to consult a doctor in order to remove skin tags. If in case you want it to be removed at home itself one should do it with proper knowledge of it. There are some home remedies available which help in getting rid of these tags but at first, it is very important to clean the tag, the instrument you use for it properly. Garlic, tea tree oil, iodine are some of the ways you can remove skin tags at home. Make sure you follow the correct procedure and clean the area thoroughly.


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